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Fan of Fame

Going Above and Beyond

On November 3, 2000, Kerry Austin attended a Stampede-Rochester Mustangs home game and heroically revived a fellow fan from near death from his seating area at the Sioux Falls Arena. Mr. Austin's courageous act inspired the Stampede to create the Fan of Fame Award in his honor.

The Fan Of Fame is awarded by the Stampede administrative staff on a yearly basis. Recipients receive:

Engraved acrylic-shaped hockey puck,
Replica autographed team jersey
4 season tickets for one year, including playoff games.

"Fan of Fame" Honor Role 

LEE WILLIAMS 2008/2009
To say that Lee was a die-hard Stampede fan would be an understatement. A long-time season ticket holder, Lee was often seen in the Stampede office, assisting Wendy Loria with Stampede ticketing and merchandise.  Lee loved the Stampede and the players involved and rarely missed a game until she became ill with her second round of cancer.  She always kept tabs on the Herd’s former players as well and was as proud as anyone of their accomplishments. 

No matter how she was feeling, the word “Stampede” always brought a smile to Lee’s face.  Even after she was no longer able to live on her own, Lee made sure that the radio was dialed to KELO-AM 1320 for Stampede hockey on game nights.   Not one for the spotlight, Lee was never one to ask for help, instead she always wanted to help those in need. Lee passed away in April of 2009, but will never be forgotten by the Stampede family.

SARAH CARLSON (Miss Conduct) 2007/08
Sarah Carlson will go down as one of the most devoted Stampede fans in history. Miss Conduct was seen at Stampede games since the Herd’s first season, tossing tee-shirts into the crowd as well as being part of the intermission and in-game entertainment.

Sarah left Sioux Falls in 2008 for Deadwood, SD. The Stampede honored her at the game with a personalized team jersey, photo plaque and gifts.  The Stampede have also decided to retire “Miss Conduct” for all future games in her honor.

JOE McMARTIN - 2006/2007
To the Stampede team players - Chris Huxley, Drew Fisher and Zach Redmond, etc. all,  there is another name that has been penned on to our award winner. Simply - GRANDPA JOE!   Adopted by all players and members of the organization as a team friend, cheerleader and inspiration, Joe was the only non- team member requested by the players to celebrate the Cup winning championship in the locker room. Says Joe affectionately:  “The Stampede kids love me and I love to encourage them all.”  

All throughout her time spent as a devoted Stampede fan, Margaret has been known as an individual that shows incredible care for others around her. As examples, each season, she purchases hundreds of game tickets that are donated to so many unknown fans to hundreds of promotional T-Shirts and movie passes that she gives away free to children attending the hockey games.  She also hosts a special Stampede Christmas party with gifts for every child at the Volunteers of America Day Care program

JAKOB L. BEIER - 2003/2004
Diagnosed with a cancerous brain tumor-and after an 11-month battle with cancer, just a few weeks shy of his sixth birthday, Jakob passed away in December 2003. His spirit for life and love for the game of hockey captivated the Stampede players, who befriended young Jakob during his time spent at Sioux Valley Hospital undergoing daily medical care. When clearance finally arrived for Jakob to take in an outdoor activity for the first time, he took his mom and dad to the Sioux Falls Arena to see his hometown heroes, the Sioux Falls Stampede, play a hockey game on March 29, 2003.

GARY HANSEN - 2001/2002
Former Sioux Falls Mayor Gary Hanson and current Stampede season ticket holder, was chosen for his leadership and support of the retrofitting process that transformed the Sioux Falls Arena from a basketball court to a full-fledged ice arena in September, 1999. During his mayoral term in office, Mr. Hansen played a key role in bringing the United States Hockey league (USHL) to Sioux Falls.

MELANIE MASSEN - 2001/2002
Melanie Massen became the first parent of a Stampede player inducted (James Massen). Melanie traveled from Bismarck, North Dakota to nearly every Stampede home game during her son's two seasons of play. She was a very visible supporter and a true inspiration to the Stampede staff and coaches .as well as other team parents and host families during the startup process of the franchise.

KELLY WILKEN - 2000/2001
He would wear the Stampede home jersey bearing the name plate "C.E. JOE" - and is best known for dancing to "Cotton Eye Joe" at every Stampede home game. Kelly is credited for creating his inspirational cheer, which usually takes place in the 3rd period.  Kelly is a charter member of the Stampede season ticket holder family.

KERRY AUSTIN - 1999/2000
Kerry Austin attended the Stampede home game against the Rochester Mustangs on November 3, 2000 and became responsible for reviving a fellow fan with CPR. The heroic act put forth by Austin, a former trauma nurse, led to the creation of the "Fan of Fame" by the Stampede organization. "I did not consider myself a hero, in no manner," stated Austin. "I was doing what comes naturally to me. My knowledge of CPR is what did it, not me."